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Humanity is now facing the resource crisis of energy shortage and the environmental crisis represented by climate change at the same time.  Fossil fuels such as coal and oil are gradually being depleted, and climate change caused by an increase in greenhouse gases has reached a stage that threatens the survival of mankind. In particular, Korea is a resource poor and energy consuming country that depends on imports for 92% of its mineral resources and 97% of its energy.  Due to its industrial structure with a high proportion of manufacturing, it is the sixth largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world.

Under these circumstances, the world is paying a lot of attention to areas related to greenhouse gas reduction and eco-friendly energy production in connection with climate change response. 

As the saying goes, 'a crisis is an opportunity', a preemptive response to the new climate system can bring positive economic effects, such as reducing greenhouse gases, strengthening energy security, and creating jobs.

BioX Co., Ltd. aims to become a company specializing in green, clean energy and white bio industries to build a clean ecosystem that provides a pleasant living environment to human society and to create values for the constant demands of the times for the ultimate carbon-negative society. Established in February 2019, we are stepping up to lead the eco-friendly bio-renewable energy market through the commercialization of bio-green hydrogen products based on biocatalysts and electrochemicals. We are developing and developing new solution technologies in the field of clean energy products and materials including green hydrogen. In particular, we are developing a technology jointly with Electro Active Technologies of the United States and then commercializing the high-purity green hydrogen generation “HAAMA” system using organic waste. Leading the way, we are concentrating our capabilities on applied research and commercialization of specialized new technologies.

Bio-X “HAAMA” technology, which biologically converts discarded organic waste into hydrogen energy, the next-generation clean energy, is an innovative technology that secures a new growth engine in the renewable energy and fourth industrial markets, and is the main energy of the government, carbon-neutral economy. It is a new paradigm technology in the new energy industry that responds to policies.  BioX executives and staff will make ceaseless efforts so that our “HAAMA” technology can lead the domestic and foreign energy industry and become an innovative technology to respond to climate change. We are preparing to expand our work to the fields of the 4th industrial revolution such as chemical products and bio-based industrial convergence artificial intelligence technology.

With a sense of mission to contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the Korean national industry by creating green clean energy and white bio-industry values, we work closely and organically with various partner organizations and government-related organizations to become a developing partner to create green-collar jobs in Korea. I'll do it.

thank you.


BioX CEO Kim Houng-ki

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