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​hydrogen business

Based on the Microbial Electrolysis Cell (MEC) method, a biocatalyst-based electrochemical technology, for the first time in Korea, we have developed a technology to produce clean green hydrogen from organic waste.  Electro Active Technologies Inc. of the United States. Introduced by (EAT), domestic demonstration/commercialization is in progress.


Electro Active Technologies, Inc. : EAT's microbial electrolysis cell and hydrogen generation eH2Gen system, a type of biorefining technology that converts waste into hydrogen gas, was supported by the US Department of Energy in 2008 by Dr. Abhijeet Borole and Dr. Alex Lewis at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, USA. The company was founded with the goal of commercializing the technology in 2017, with development researchers receiving an exclusive technology license from Oak Ridge National Laboratory in August 2017.


Oak Ridge National Laboratory, established in 1943, is the largest science/energy research institute under the US Department of Energy, with approximately 4,500 researchers. It is also famous for being the place where Einstein worked on the Manhattan nuclear bomb project when it was founded in 1943.


HAAMA system​

Aiming to become the only bio-based green and clean hydrogen production company in Korea, along with the purchase of shares in EAT, we acquired the exclusive business right and exclusive license for “eH2Gen”, the original technology owned by EAT, in Korea. BioX and EAT were developed in-house in Korea jointly with EAT, and collaborative research is underway for the simultaneous commercialization of BioX and EAT in Korea and the United States.

Bio-X is developing new green hydrogen solution technology in clean energy products and materials-related fields including green hydrogen. and commercialization.


H&PF process

It possesses hydrolysis & pre-fermentation (H&PF) technology that corresponds to the solubilization and pre-treatment technology of organic waste. It is an integrated, efficient HAAMA system-compatible satellite process that simultaneously produces organic acids/alcohols to induce maximum high-purity hydrogen yield.


​Scalable Modular Engineering System

The HAAMA system is a new concept high-purity hydrogen production integrated process that can be expanded through modularization and packaging to flexibly respond to consumer demands.


MEC process design technology, modularization scheme

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